Susan Silas

Susan Silas

Susan Silas, a dual American and Hungarian national, was born in Manhattan in 1953. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Susan attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon for her bachelor’s degree and the California Institute of the Arts for her Masters of Fine Art.

Silas has photographed quite extensively in Central Europe. One recent project, Helmbrechts Walk, 1998-2003; documents her 225 mile walk in the Czech Republic and Germany retracing the steps of a historic death march at the close of the Second World War. Two projects have taken her to the Tisza River in Hungary: The Dreamlife of Mayflies (which our edition features) and Eastern Hungary in 106 Bus Shelters, 2009.

Susan has a long list of exhibitions, publications, and awards. Recent honors include an October 2010 essay in the New York Times Modern Love column titled Sex on the Run? No, We Parked, and residential fellowships at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in 2010 and at the Ucross Foundation in 2009. A few other highlights from her photographic exhibitions include the following...

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2011 - CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles
2009 - Hebrew Union College, New York City
       Helmbrechts walk, 1998-2003
2005 - The Koffler Gallery, Toronto, Canada
       Helmbrechts walk, 1998-2003
1999 - ART RESOURCES TRANSFER a.k.a. Art Press, New
       York City
1999 - Chatham College, Pittsburgh Global Focus;
       Helmbrechts walk, 1998 (work in progress)
1998 - “SESTAVE” Ljubljana, Slovenia The Four
1998 - Villa Katarina, Ljubljana, Slovenia The Four
1997 - ART RESOURCES TRANSFER a.k.a. Art Press, New
       York City The Four Seasons
1997 - Postmasters, New York City (The Hole) sad
       tree, Sachsenhausen (october 1995)
1996 - On site installation, Brooklyn Waterfront
1993 - Jose Freire Fine Art, New York City
1992 - Fiction/nonfiction, New York City
1991 - Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco
       Galerie Antoine Candau, Paris
1990 - Fiction/nonfiction, New York City (catalogue)

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2010 - Bless my homeland forever - I, too, will try
       to forget... Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna,
2010 - Der Offene Garten, Kunstverein Grafschaft
       Bentheim, Neuenhaus, Germany
2009 - Winkleman Gallery, Things Fall Apart (curated
       by Joy Garnett)
2008 - Delicate Situations, curated by Joe Schneider
2007 - Gallery Alfred, Tel Aviv, Israel
2003 - New York Public Library, New York, New York
       The September 11 Photo Project
2003 - Here is New York - Images from the Frontline
       of History: A Democracy of Photographs 116
       Greene Street, New York City
2000 - University Art Gallery, Staller Center at
       StonyBrook, Jewishness at the Crossroads


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