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We've had a few people ask us what you get when you buy a limited edition print from THEditions.  So here I'll try to explain it with the most friendly text and photos that I can...

Basically, you're getting three things:

1.) First and foremost, a museum quality archival print.

2.) A certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

3.) A custom-cut acid-free matte to protect the photo.*
* = A0 prints don't include a matte to keep shipping costs down!

First, I'll start by explaining our prints.  All of photographs are printed on order by PanTom on an Epson Stylus Pro 9900 Printer and genuine Epson Ultrachrome HDR inks on Hahnemühle papers (we use both lustre and matte papers, depending on the image).  All of the materials we use are museum quality and archival, which means that last a really long time, and look great.

Before releasing an edition, we make proof prints, which each artists approve of in terms of colors and quality.  Using these proofs and extensive printer calibration and profiling, we can ensure that each photograph looks exactly as the artist wants it to look.  And since the photos are printed to order, we can keep the costs low!  Though it may take a few days for our printer to process the orders and make your prints.

"But what about these sizes?", you ask...  Well, all of our prints are placed on an A-sized sheet of paper.  This makes framing and presenting the work much more straightforward...  We offer affordable custom framing options (and many premade frames also come of A-sizes).  

Now, most all of you probably know how big a piece of A4 paper (Our "XS" prints) is...  But how about our XL A0 prints? This size shart should help you get the basic idea:

Our prints are also shipped with a white 4-ply acid-free matte, which will make it even easier to framing and also provide protection to the print during shipping and storage.  The matte is the same size as the paper, and has an opening that is (normally) slightly smaller than the print, so it overlaps the image just a bit.  These provide an attractive and neutral way to show off your prints.  If you want to add glass and frames, we have several available here.

This is what our mattes look like:


Finally, you will also receive a certificate of authenticity with the artist’s signature and a serial number, proving that your print is a THEdition.

We use certificates of authenticity so that we can make our prints on demand (keeping the costs to you extremely low and affordable) while still providing you with a limited edition artwork.

Here's what our certificates of authenticity look like:

All of this means that when you purchase a print from THEditions you can feel confident that the image you're getting is made of top quality materials and craftsmanship...  And that the proceeds directly support the artist who took the photograph.

Todd Forsgren  |  Thursday, 27. December 2012

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